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Make:                    NIKON CORPORATION
Model:                   NIKON D70
Orientation:             Top, left side (Horizontal / normal)
Date/Time:               2005:02:06 02:04:23
Exposure Time:           1/500 sec
F-Number:                F 4
Exposure Program:        Manual control
Exposure Bias Value:     0
Metering Mode:           Multi-segment
Light source:            4
Flash:                   Flash did not fire
Focal Length:            170.0 mm
Scene Type:              Directly photographed image
Exposure Mode:           Manual exposure
White balance mode:      Manual white balance
Focal Length in 35mm Film:255 mm
Scene Capture Type:      Standard
ISO:                     ISO 200
Quality & File Format:   FINE   
White Balance:           FLASH       
Sharpening:              AUTO  
AF Type:                 AF-C  
Flash Sync Mode:         NORMAL      
Auto Flash Mode:         Comdr.,TTL  
White Balance Fine:      0
White Balance RB Coefficients:28930/1 32769/1 0/1 0/1
Tone Compensation:       AUTO    
Lens:                    80-200mm f/2-2
Colour Mode:             Mode I (sRGB)
Light source001:         SPEEDLIGHT 
Camera Hue Adjustment:   0 degrees
Iptc Makernote:          
Caption/Abstract:        [#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D70 
Focal Length: 170mm 
Optimize Image: Normal 
Color Mode: Mode Ia (sRGB)  
Noise Reduction: OFF 
2005/01/31 22:09:12.1 
Exposure Mode: Manual 
White Balance: Flash 
Tone Comp: Auto 
JPEG (8-bit) Fine 
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern 
AF Mode: AF-C 
Hue Adjustment: 0° 
Image Size:  Large (3008 x 2000) 
1/500 sec - F/4 
Flash Sync Mode: Front Curtain 
Saturation:  Normal 
Exposure Comp.: 0 EV 
Auto Flash Mode: Commander TTL 
Sharpening: Auto 
Lens: 80-200mm F/2.8 D 
Sensitivity: ISO 200 
Auto Flash Comp: 0 EV 
Image Comment:                                      
[#End of Shooting Data Section] 

Exif Height:       2000
Exif Width:        3008
Exif Orientation:  Horizontal